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The American Profit Recovery difference

  • Affordable medical debt collections with a low-cost solution, regardless of the amount owed

  • Recovery rates much higher than the collection industry average

  • Trusted by hundreds of medical practices and hospitals across the country

  • Every patient is treated with the dignity and respect they deserve

  • Decades of medical collection expertise and knowledge

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Book a free consultation with one of our collection experts. We are confident you will find a refreshing approach to improving the cash flow of your practice. We will lower your costs and help to maintain a respectful relationship with your patients, regardless of their financial situation.

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    There is one thing the team here at American Profit Recovery is keenly aware of; there is a fine line between care and debt collections. We recognize this critical part of running a medical practice and when you work with APR for your healthcare collections, you can take comfort in knowing everyone here understands your patients need to be treated with respect. Treating people with dignity is not only right thing to do, but the results you see will far exceed your expectations.

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    You may also find our low-cost debt collection solution attractive for your practice. Healthcare facilities across the country have found this to be a highly effective way to manage their costs and provide that gentle touch to get patients to complete their financial obligation to you.

    If your practice is ready to see a difference in the way outstanding payments are collected and you’re looking for much better results than you are currently seeing, fill out the form above and our team will contact you immediately.

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    Find out why those in healthcare trust American Profit Recovery for a different approach to collections.

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