There have been many shifts in the debt collection industry over the past several years. And the trends and updates that many in the collection industry have worked hard on, are moving the industry in a positive way.

Everything from enhanced technology, a better understanding of the career opportunities in the collection industry as well as forward progress in the collaboration between industry leaders and government at all levels.

However, one significant shift is the industry’s determination to make communications between debt collectors and consumers much more dignified and respectful.

When a debt collection professional can earn a consumer’s trust through effective communication and empathy, what may have been a negative interaction years ago is now a positive and productive experience.

Want the inside scoop on how the debt collection industry is paving the future of collections and earning the trust of consumers? Check out the words that are becoming the “norm” in collections.

Compassion in debt collections

Professional debt collectors need to exhibit compassion when communicating with consumers. And the industry as a whole is recognizing this is a vital part of the collection process.

It’s important never to make any assumptions when contacting a consumer about an unpaid bill. Many consumers who end up being contacted by a collection agency have personal circumstances that have forced them to make difficult financial decisions. Because that consumer is experiencing the stress of limited finances, the best way to open a dialogue is to show compassion towards that consumer.

Debt collections and diplomacy

The debt collection industry understands that one of the most effective ways to achieve the goals between a business and a consumer is through diplomacy. Being diplomatic and working out a solution between all parties has become standard with many in the industry.

Diplomacy accomplishes many goals in the process of debt collections. It allows the consumer to articulate their situation which helps both parties come up with a reasonable solution to the debt. By the same token, diplomacy encourages a respectful dialogue that helps get the debt paid off.

There’s a myth in debt collections that every phone call is nothing more than a demand for payment in full. That’s just not true and most reputable debt collection agencies understand that diplomacy is the way to help all parties reach their goals.

Helping consumers

The future of debt collections is understanding that professionally trained debt collectors play a major role in helping consumers navigate the complexities of being in debt. Countless times a day, consumers are thanking our debt collection team here at APR for helping them get through a tough time. Many consumers don’t know the next step to take, and when they finally engage with the helpful debt collector, they can feel relief knowing that somebody cares about their situation.

A properly trained debt collection professional can show a consumer what is possible when it comes to paying off their debt and, in many cases, getting their financial life back on track. This is why we always encourage consumers to pick up the phone, even if they are apprehensive about doing so. Consumers feel it’s going to be a negative experience but, in many cases, it’s not. The future of debt collections is educating the public that a communication from a debt collection agency does not have to be a negative encounter.

And there are occasions when a debt collector has brought to a consumer’s attention some form of identity theft. In that case, a collector has helped that consumer avoid further discomfort and stress.

Responsibility in debt collections

Everybody who works in debt collections has a responsibility to do better every day.

We are responsible for making the consumer experience better by providing a compassionate and helpful tone to every communication.

Our responsibility is to treat every consumer with the dignity and respect they deserve.

The collection industry has a responsibility to educate the public and politicians about the value of debt collections and the economy.

Collection agencies have a responsibility to preserve the relationship a business has built with a consumer by treating them with tact and diplomacy.


If you haven’t noticed, the future of debt collections is already here, and the collection industry is working together to improve the experience for both businesses and consumers constantly.


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