By Kaylee:

Some people have human babies while others have fur babies; I fall in the category as a fur baby mommy. September 14th was “national hug your hound day” so I wanted to share my story of “Desi turned Denver” and how he has touched my life.

Denver photoTwo years ago I moved to a new city and wanted to have a companion by my side. I have always been a dog lover, so I decided to jump on the band wagon and get a pup! Instead of getting a puppy like most people like to do, I wanted to get a rescue dog so I could give him a second shot at a happy life.

When I went to go look at him my intent was not to take him home that day, but I fell in love with his little face and just had to have him! Little did I know that sweet innocent face had fooled me. The rescue had named him Desi and really didn’t know anything about his past besides they got him from a high kill shelter. The rescue I bought him from was a no kill shelter and they had people who would foster these animals until their forever home came – they are called Last Day Dog Rescue. Once I got Desi home I decided to change his name to Denver. I felt Desi was more of a girl’s name and reminded me of that crazy cartoon devil!

After a couple months into having him his whole personality changed and I now realize why they probably named him Desi in the first place! I had gotten myself a wild child! Denver is super smart, but knows how to push the limits and likes to be a little thief and can be a little aggressive at times, but I wouldn’t trade him for the world. At APR we have a lot of Vet Clients and as a CSR I always love speaking with them and hearing their stories. While working here I came across a local Referral vet that specializes in behavior problems, so needless to say I jumped on that and made an appointment.

The appointment isn’t till next month so I’m not too sure what to expect, but I’m sure it will be helpful for him. No matter the outcome, I’m in it for the long haul. He has given responsibility, excitement, stress at times, but most of all love to my life! I am so thankful I found my little fur baby and was able to give him another shot at a good life. So, if you take anything from my story, I hope you look into pet adoption. I know those cute puppy faces are hard to pass by, but the reward of giving someone a second life it much more worth it.


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