An award-winning employee experience here at American Profit Recovery

There are many areas that we have placed immense focus on over the years here at America Profit Recovery that have allowed us to build a rock-solid foundation. Building and growing a reputable collection agency means a high value must be placed on our people and our culture.

Let’s face it; not every day is easy working in debt collections because of the nature of the business and the delicate reasons why we may be calling a consumer. Collectively, we’re always working to make that employee experience a positive one and consistently improve.

Recently we’ve been reminded that we are doing the right thing here at American Profit Recovery by creating a culture and a positive […]

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American Profit Recovery helps us be our best selves

By Delaney:

Work-life balance has never been easier than with the flexible scheduling options we offer our employees at American Profit Recovery. Personal Time Off should be used for exactly that – personal time! No one wants to have to waste their PTO on obligations like doctor’s appointments.

But here, we don’t have to.

We have several different options, like shifting our work hours from earlier to later in the day with what we call a “Late-In”, or taking a two-hour lunch during the day and simply just adding an extra hour on to the end of our day to make up for it – all without using any PTO! These possibilities are so incredibly helpful for accomplishing […]

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These words help define the future of debt collections

There have been many shifts in the debt collection industry over the past several years. And the trends and updates that many in the collection industry have worked hard on, are moving the industry in a positive way.

Everything from enhanced technology, a better understanding of the career opportunities in the collection industry as well as forward progress in the collaboration between industry leaders and government at all levels.

However, one significant shift is the industry’s determination to make communications between debt collectors and consumers much more dignified and respectful.

When a debt collection professional can earn a consumer’s trust through effective communication and empathy, what may have been a negative interaction years ago is now a positive […]

Collection Manager Angela is looking to grow career opportunities for others

We have a new collection manager here at American Profit Recovery and her name is Angela. She has been with American Profit Recovery for several years now and she has demonstrated the leadership qualities that can move a team in the right direction.

If you are a regular reader of our blog then you have seen Angela, better known as Angie to her coworkers, contributing many articles about what it’s like to work here at American Profit Recovery, the culture we continuously build as well as the career opportunities.

Angela joined American Profit Recovery in October of 2015. She was promoted to Work Team Lead, a supervisory role at APR in March of 2019. During her tenure […]

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Is there a way to tell if my customer is not going to pay my business?

We speak to business owners and other decision-makers all the time when it comes to debt collections and there is one question they ask repeatedly.

Are there any warning signs a customer is not going to pay?

And the answer is a definitive yes!

There are unquestionably signs that a customer is not going to pay and we have assembled these below. And while that is not always the case, our experts have found these are the more apparent signs of a customer not paying you in the future. You may have customers that are just disorganized at home which includes paying their bills but it’s important to keep an eye out for these warning signs.

If your business […]

Common questions a business asks before using a collection agency

Deciding to use a debt collection agency can be a big step for a business. Many business owners and other decision-makers have a number of questions they want answered before deciding to take that next step with an accounts receivable program.

They want to know that they made the best decision possible for their organization. Of course getting late and non-paying customers to the table is a top concern, there can be other concerns that a business of any size wants to address before taking the next step in debt collections.

Here are some common concerns a business may have regarding using a debt collection agency and how a reputable agency can assist in these areas.

Will we […]

Household debt just exceeded $17 trillion-is your small business ready?

It’s June 2023 and household debt just set an all-time record. And it could affect every business in the country.

The New York Federal Reserve issued a report in May 2023 that indicated a new record in household debt. Americans have racked up over $17 trillion in debt. And that should concern every business owner, entrepreneur and anyone responsible for accounts receivables.

From rising inflation to a changing job market, there are many factors that have contributed to this record number.

There has never been a better time for your business to hit the pause button and thoroughly analyze your entire accounts receivables program. That also includes the debt collection process your business has implemented and the partners […]

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What Qualities Does It Take to Be Successful At American Profit Recovery?

By Michael:

To be successful at American Profit Recovery, you must have integrity, a positive attitude, and a strong work ethic. These three qualities will take you as far as you want to go in this company because they’re the most important in the collection industry. Consumers do not want to give their money to people they don’t trust, aren’t positive, and don’t work for it.

Having integrity is important because it makes you feel secure as a person. When you do not have integrity, you lack confidence in who you are because you are not honest about your morals and values. Being confident on the phone while talking to consumers can work wonders. People are more […]

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The pros and cons of different debt collection methods

No matter the size of your business, your organization will always encounter consumers that have challenges meeting their financial obligations. For a whole host of reasons, consumers can either be late in paying you, or stop paying your business altogether.

We always advise the organizations we work with to have an internal debt collection strategy prior to issuing accounts to a collection agency. That allows your business to conduct due diligence in trying to resolve the matter internally.

There are many ways to get your customers to pay before handing that account over to your debt collection agency. And there are benefits to doing so but there are also some issues to keep in mind.

Check out our […]

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Working in Debt Collections-Expectations vs Reality

By Angela:

I have had the pleasure of sitting in on plenty of interviews throughout my career with American Profit Recovery. During this time, I have noticed some common things potential candidates are always looking for.

One of the biggest is that they want an opportunity for growth, a company they can make a nice living at and a good working environment.

I want to take a moment to address these 3 points that not many people can say (and mean it) that they love what they do.

Eight years ago, when I started here, I didn’t even know if I would like to call people to collect debts. […]

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