Do not put off hiring a collection agency this year

Our economy is changing, and you need to be ready!

If your business has thought about hiring a collection agency to improve cash flow, but has never made a firm decision, you’ll want to listen up. Economic conditions are changing rapidly, and your ability to weather the shifting conditions could rely on just a few basic principles and techniques in your business. If you don’t get ahead of the moving economic landscape that is taking shape in our country, you will look back and wish you decided much sooner.

As the economy continues to change, here are several issues your organization needs to consider to stay healthy and maintain positive cashflow. […]

4 little known benefits of using a debt collection agency

When running any type of business, you are obviously dealing with clients and customers who ultimately need to pay you for your goods and services. But we all know that there are a certain percentage of your customer’s over time that will drag out payments, not pay you at all, or run into circumstances where they lose the ability to meet their financial obligations.

Many businesses have the best of payment terms and expectations, but there are always circumstances that arise with certain customers that you’ll need to address when it comes to getting paid on time.

Most people understand the basic concept of a collection agency. Customers do not pay, and your business sends those accounts […]

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Is your accounts receivable program ready for a new economy?

Consumers as well as the business community have been through a lot during the two-plus years of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Many businesses had to drastically alter the way they conducted business and many as you know all too well were forced to shut down completely temporarily.

Consumers either lost their jobs, had their hours cut back depending on the industry they worked in, or decided to take on new careers. Consumers were also left with a whole host of other challenges including finding the products and services they use frequently and of course meeting their financial obligations.

The effects of the pandemic continue to cause challenges for consumers and the US economy as well as […]

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A much-needed employee appreciation week

Recently we held our annual employee week and it was a long time coming! It was so refreshing to have our team together again and kick back, relax and have some much-needed fun and games.

This has been an annual event for many years at American Profit Recovery but it’s no surprise that we were unable to pull it off for the past two years because of COVID-19. But we are back and it was as energetic as it has ever been getting everybody together to celebrate each other.

We fully recognize that every organization that operates in an office environment had to make incredible adjustments when it came to how and where team members work. But […]

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I can’t believe I’m in collections

Every now and then we will hear this when talking to a consumer and it always reminds me just how important of a role a debt collector plays in the economy. While the person owing the debt may not understand, we have to walk a very thin line at times.  This means understanding why the consumer was actually sent to collections. What is our client and many other businesses experiencing across the country that brought us to this point? […]

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The best debt collection agencies-what do they have in common?

Choosing a third-party collection agency Is a big step for some businesses. The business needs the cash flow, and is frustrated customers are paying late or in some cases not paying at all, but need a solution. Many businesses have tried various tactics and strategies using internal resources, but there comes a time when you need to seek outside help for collections.

That company is going to be representing you whether in written form or through phone communications with your customers so it’s important that you as a business choose wisely.

If your organization is currently looking to hire a debt collection agency, there are several things the best agencies in the industry do and do well. […]

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Our debt collection team feels a purpose

There are so many important aspects when it comes to building a thriving organization. There are the obvious parts of a business such as creating a great product or service, pricing and marketing those appropriately, finding your target market and so much more.

But building a sustainable company also involves having the right team that can move things forward on a consistent basis. Finding that team and building longevity with those individuals means that you need to build a culture that allows them to thrive as well.

Employees thrive when they feel a sense of purpose. And when they feel their work is necessary, as well as needed, the result is an organization that thrives as a […]

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Great communication earns trust as a debt collector

By Georgia:

As a debt collector, I look forward to coming to work every day.  Yes, you read that correctly. Admittedly, before working here, I would never have thought I’d think that. American Profit Recovery has opened my eyes to what it truly means to be a debt collector, as well as what an important job it is.  This career is not only about helping consumers but also helping to change people’s perceptions of the debt collection industry. I know coming into work every day that what I am doing makes a positive difference in so many ways, and that I am working for a company that deeply cares about its employees.

Being a Debt Collector is […]

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Improving Your Accounts Receivable Process

The size of your business does not matter when it comes to accounts receivables. If you are running any type of business, accounts receivable management is part of managing a business that has positive cash flow. Paying attention to AR management is a critical component of keeping any business alive.

Because we are part of the process of managing accounts receivables for large businesses as well as small organizations, our experts have a pulse on what you need to know to ensure that internally you’re doing everything properly and when situations arise where you are not getting paid, to understand what assistance is available to you in the form of a third party.

Our experts here […]

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Why healthcare practices need to use a medical debt collection agency

There is one simple fact that we know from handling debt collections for health care professionals across the country for many years. Professionals that go to school to be able to serve others want to focus on just that. Doctors and other medical professionals need to focus their time on serving patients and providing the necessary care they require. Doctors should not have to take their eyes off the ball to run a thriving medical practice.

You might say that would hold true for just about any type of business but it’s all more important in the health care environment. Doctors and other health care practitioners need to maintain a certain amount of distance from […]

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