Running a business takes a great deal of time and effort and not all owners and operators have time to pursue late paying customers. Many businesses looking for a collection agency in Colorado have discovered how American Profit Recovery can expedite settling overdue accounts while retaining great customer relations.

Regardless of your industry, APR invites you to see how we can help your company manage accounts receivables quickly and diplomatically to yield impressive results. We have a team of skilled professionals with experience in a multitude of different industries who will work as a third party to retrieve monies owed to your business. APR is the team behind your team who will work to optimize your cash flow while keeping your existing customers.

How APR Can Improve Your Colorado Business

  • Expert consultants provide experience and knowledge tailored to your industry
  • Offers APRweb as a tool to manage accounts on-line anytime day or night.
  • Provides an affordable flat-fee collections system.
  • Employs a diplomatic approach to retrieve monies owed while retaining customers.
  • Provides top-notch customer service.

APR’s Commitment to Customers

As a collection agency, APR knows how difficult it is to find new customers and we take great pride in our consumer approach. We treat customers with respect and dignity which yields swift and successful results in settling overdue accounts while keeping clients happy.

If you are a business in Denver, Aurora, Colorado Springs or Columbine Valley American Profit Recovery can help your business better manage accounts receivables by getting you paid on time, at a low cost and diplomatically.