Collection Agencies In Virginia

Getting paid on time is vital to the success of any business; especially small business. If you are searching for a collection agency in Virginia to help your business get in the black, discover the difference American Profit Recovery can make.

APR has years of experience and seasoned experts who have worked in a multitude of industries. APR will work with your Virginia business to expedite settling overdue accounts and do it in a respectful manner.

And with our low cost, flat-fee collections solution, your large or small Virginia business can rely on our team to retrieve monies owed and improve your bottom line.

Ways APR Improves Cash Flow:
• We treat customers with respect and dignity.
• APR employs diplomatic methods to retrieve monies owed quickly.
• An affordable flat-fee collections system.
• Presents businesses with tools like APRweb to manage accounts on-line anytime.
• Improves cash flow for businesses of all sizes.
• Provides top-notch customer service.

APR’s Strong Reputation
We have built a strong reputation around the country for being a collection agency that improves cash flow for any size business. We take great pride in treating your customers with respect and dignity which provide much better results.

APR has expert consultants ready to work with businesses in Fredericksburg, Roanoke, Richmond, Fairfax or all other areas of Virginia to settle accounts and improve cash flow.