Collection Agencies Serving Illinois Business

If you’ve been searching for collection agencies in Illinois, you have come to the right place. If your company is located in or near Chicago, Springfield, Aurora or Rockford, we have a team of industry experts ready to help your struggling business.

Managing the cash flow of a large or small business can be complex at times especially when searching for solutions to handle late and non-paying customers. American Profit Recovery is a wise choice because of our vast experience in lawn care, banking, medical and dental and many other industries.

This collection agency also offers college-educated and highly trained professionals on our team. When accounts remain unsettled despite persistent contact, APR’s professional collectors are well trained and utilize effective procedures with extreme professionalism, respect and tact.

How are we different? Just see the list of reasons here:

Our proven methods have assisted many small businesses recovery monies they thought they would never see and you can have that success too.

Contact our experts today and find out why more and more companies in your state have decided to use American Profit Recovery for their debt collection needs.