Looking for a collection agency in Ohio to help your small business?  Or are you looking for experts in medical collections? If your business or medical practice has been struggling to get customers or patients to pay on time or even pay at all, you have found the right partner in American Profit Recovery. Call today if you are in Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dayton, Toledo or any other area in Ohio to get started right away. If you need a collection agency that shares your values, treats every customer with respect and can show you results, we’d love to chat.   

Industry Expertise You Need 

Our team is experienced in many different industries including: dental, lawn care, small business, banking and many others. And if you need experts in medical collections, we are the clear choice. We can work with you to find solutions specific to your business needs. American Profit Recovery has an above average success rate in our payment recovery due to our diplomatic and respectful approach. We work hard to get you paid and try harder at retaining customers.

Low cost collections with respect and dignity 

American Profit Recovery has a whole host of industry professionals available to help your business through every step of the debt collection process. When you call today you can speak with a friendly customer service agent who will help you begin the process of getting your late and non-paying customers back on track. We do it with respect and diplomacy and we get you paid.

You’ll also be pleased to know that we offer a low-cost collection system with accounts regardless of the amount owed. This approach saves you time and valuable resources with making it possible for you to retrieve monies owed to your business by getting active much earlier in the collection process.

Contact us today and let’s get your cash flow back on track!