Collection Agency Serving Alabama

Are you searching for collection agencies in Alabama? Are you trying to find a third party that will help with your cash flow? Are you interested in getting paid on time while still having strong relationships with your customers? American Profit Recovery is the collection agency for you.

With our tactful and professional approach in dealing with late paying customers, APR has built a national reputation as being a reliable partner in the collection industry. We focus on keeping your customers while organizing and optimizing your receivables.

Our signature service is our flat fee collection system, which saves businesses time, money, and resources. APR uses a two tiered approach when dealing with our consumers and our above average success rate has made us an attractive service to businesses all over the country, including Alabama.

Whether you are in Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery, or on the Gulf Coast we have consultants standing by to assist you in keeping your cash flow going.

Customers can manage their accounts 24/7 on APRweb. On APRweb you can add, delete, edit, or cancel accounts online, so you spend less time worrying about collecting and more time focusing on your customers. We know there are many collection agencies in Alabama, but with our diplomatic solutions, American Profit Recovery is the right fit for your cash flow needs.

Contact us today! Speak with one of our expert consultants.