Businesses rely on getting paid on time, and if you are looking for a collection agency in Arizona, American Profit Recovery is the collection agency for you. If you are weary from trying to balance your finances while also providing quality service to your customers, American Profit Recovery can help optimize your cash flow while you take care of what is important.

Our low-cost collection system allows your business to focus on your customers without giving up valuable time, resources, and all your profits. It allows you to get in the game earlier by not waiting to collect and ultimately improves your results.

Whether your business is in Phoenix, Tucson, Sierra Vista, or Flagstaff, APR has a staff of consultants ready to assist you with collecting your late-paying customers. large or small business, we’re ready to be your partner. And we are nationwide so we can contact your customers in other parts of the country. 

Why Businesses Of All Sizes Trust APR

    • We are a nationwide debt collection agency which means we can communicate with your customer no matter where they are
    • Diplomacy and respect are keys to garnering impressive results
    • Access to your accounts anytime with our online portal APRweb
    • Low-cost debt collections for business that have an ongoing need

Customer Service You Can Rave About

When you call American Profit Recovery for any reason, there will always be a live person who answers your call. Our helpful customer service pros put your mind at ease and get you the solutions you must have. Whether it’s training, help with a complicated situation, or an update on how your collection results are performing, our team is there for you and on a first name basis.

And using our online system, APRweb allows you the busy professional to log in and view your information. This allows you to check and keep up with your accounts without having to give up your very important time.