Are you searching for collection agencies in Arkansas? Are you looking for a collection agency that will work hard to get you paid, but still keep the relationship with your customers positive and intact? American Profit Recovery has the answers. If your business is in Little Rock, Jonesboro, Rogers, Fort Smith or any other part of Arkansas, American Profit Recovery has professional consultants waiting to assist you with your cash flow needs. With diplomacy and highly-trained cordial collectors, we offer impressive results that boost your cash flow.

We have experts in a whole host of industries so whether you’re in lawncare, banking, medical, dental or others, if you have late and non-paying customers, we are ready to help you.

Why Trust American Profit Recovery?

  • Each and every contact we have with your customer is done with tact, respect and a willingness to understand every situation
  • Low-cost collections that are ideal for any size business with regular needs
  • We understand your industry. See our industry page for more details
  • Access your accounts any time of the day with our APRweb portal
  • Customer service you’ll rave about

Why being nice matters

When you treat customers nice, you’ll see better results. Our company acts as a mediator between you and your customer and with our diplomatic touch, you now have an effective collection agency by your side that will treat your customers with the respect they deserve. Many times an unpaid bill is just an oversight or they may be others issues that our trained collectors can help that customer resolve. We seek to understand why a customer cannot pay and we create solutions that help them get back on track.

APR has been a great fit for our lawn care business. We deal with a high volume of customers and therefore many that don’t pay on time. APR’s tiers has been a great way for us to recover a high percent of unpaid balances. Read More 

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