Still looking for a collection agency in California that works tactfully but hard to get you paid? Are you looking for recovery professionals that have the goal of keeping a great relationship with your customers in the process? American Profit Recovery is the partner for you. Our team has decades of experience working with businesses just like yours. Whether you are in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, or Sacramento, American Profit Recovery has consultants ready to speak to you. Our goal is to make your collections process simple and effective.

Why Choose Us For Debt Collections? 

  • If you have a regular need for help with collections, our low-cost solution is perfect and affordable
  • We have professional collectors that are trained and mentored on an ongoing basis
  • Enter and monitor your accounts any time of the day with APRweb
  • Nationwide reach meaning if you have customers across the country, we’re a perfect fit
  • Being nice to your customers is how we prove our results

Diplomacy is our key to your success 

Being kind and respectful with your customers is one of our top priorities and American Profit Recovery uses a diplomatic approach to make sure you get paid from late paying customers without damaging your reputation. We represent you with tact and we seek to understand why a payment has not been made rather than demand payment. Our collectors are trained to address any situation and create resolutions that get your money in the door.

Contact our experts today! Find out why so many organizations have endorsed the way we do business.