Are you searching for a debt collection agency in Hawaii to help you improve your bottom line? Are you reluctant about turning over your accounts receivables to a third party because you feel you might lose those customers? American Profit Recovery is the solution to helping boost your cash flow. We are different in many ways. From the way we treat every one of your customers to the access we provide you to make your job easier and much more. You can call a live consultant today no matter where you are. Honolulu, Hilo, Kailua, Pearl City, Waipahu or any other area in Hawaii you can to speak with a live customer service pro who will have answers to your questions. Book a time to learn more about why so many businesses trust our company and our way of collecting.

Why We Are The Right Choice For Your Business

  • Our professional debt collectors are trained to create solutions with your customers
  • Those collectors treat everyone with the dignity and respect all consumers deserve
  • Nationwide reach means if you have customers across the country, we are a perfect fit
  • APRweb gives you complete access to your accounts to see results and enter new accounts
  • Low cost system allows your business to contact consumers earlier in the delinquency

Low-cost with high results 

We know getting paid on time is crucial to the success of your business so we act as a professional and diplomatic mediator between you and your customers to produce results that optimize your cash flow. Our low-cost collection system allows your business to contact more customers that are late in paying you, contact them faster and without the large percentage that many charge. If you have a regular ongoing need for collection activity, contact our team of experts today.