Are you a small or large business searching for collection agencies in Idaho? Have you had issues getting your customers to pay on time or pay at all? American Profit Recovery has a team of recovery experts that have been serving clients just like you for over a decade. And our leadership, long before that. We’ve been serving many industries across the country with our diplomatic and low-cost collections system and because of our results, have garnered countless endorsements. If your business is in Boise, Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Nampa, Meridian or any other part of Idaho, American Profit Recovery has professional consultants waiting to assist you with your collection needs.

Nationwide reach with a local touch 

  • Our professional collectors are trained to create solutions for your customers
  • Every collector takes a pledge to treat all consumers with respect and dignity
  • We have nationwide reach so we can communicate with your customers across the country
  • You’ll soon be on a first name basis with your customer service professional
  • APRweb gives you access to your accounts and results 24/7

Industry expertise that benefits your business 

Our team of professionals has experience in many different industries including: medical, dental, banking, small business and lawn care. And many industry associations have offered their endorsements of our services.  When it comes to industry expertise, many of our experts have worked inside so they have firsthand knowledge of your challenges. Let us show you the results.