Collection Agency Serving Louisiana Businesses

Have you been searching for collection agencies in Louisiana? Are you reluctant to turn your accounts over to a third party collection agency despite the fact that you need to get paid? American Profit Recovery can start working with your business today to get your accounts receivables back on track.

Our company has experts in a myriad of different industries whether you are in the lawn care, dental, banking, small business or you need an expert in medical collections, APR’s friendly customer service representatives are ready to help you find solutions to resolving accounts with your late and non-paying customers.

We make it affordable for businesses to seek help in resolving overdue accounts. With accounts starting between $15-$20, APR makes it possible for you to save time, money and valuable resources while focusing on providing quality services and products for your customers. Find out more about our flat fee collections system here.

We are an award-winning collection agency for being a best place to work, for our charity initiatives and for the way we work with businesses just like yours. Find out why by contacting us today.

If your medical practice or small business is in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Shreveport, Lake Charles or any other area in Louisiana contact us to schedule a free, no obligation phone call. APR has an above average success rate in getting businesses paid. We can find the best solutions to improve your bottom line while retaining your hard-earned customers.