Have you been searching for collection agencies in Louisiana? Are you reluctant to turn your accounts over to a third party collection agency despite the fact that you need to get paid? American Profit Recovery solve many issues for your business. The first of which is to help you get on a path of positive cash flow. We do this through our low-cost and tactful system which has been endorsed by countless trade associations nationwide. APR has been trusted by more small and large business across the country to create a dialogue between customer and your business. If your medical practice or business is in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Shreveport, Lake Charles or any other area in Louisiana contact us to schedule a free, no obligation phone call.

There’s a Reason Businesses Nationwide Trust Us

  • We have a whole host of medical, dental and lawncare endorsements from across the country
  • Being nice to your customers is makes all the difference when trying to get payments
  • APRweb is your portal to all your accounts and the results you are looking for
  • Ranked a best places to work so you know our customer service pros are happy to hear from you

Thank you for being a nice debt collector

Our job is to help you get paid but our role is more than that. We do everything we can to help your customer find a way to pay their debt to you. We seek to understand their situation and we work with them to come up with a resolution they can stick to. We hear it every day. Thank you for helping me. You were so nice to me. And those words are coming from consumer that owe you money. Request a free consultation today and let us show how different we are.

Their new customer training is superb! They walk you through everything and answer questions clearly. Their prices and method of collection is more about saving the business money while maintaining the customer’s account. Read More 

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