Collection Agency Serving Missouri Businesses

Many businesses searching for collection agencies in Missouri end up becoming American Profit Recovery clients. Why? Because we are different. We are a third-party collection agency that you can trust with your accounts receivables and customer relationships. We get you paid and all our team members are as nice as can be with your customers.

American Profit Recovery is a collection agency with an above average success rate that produces lucrative results. APR offers a flat fee collection system with accounts starting between $15-$20. This makes it feasible for businesses of any size to afford a third-party agency; even a small business in Missouri. We also have a team of experts who will treat your customers with respect and diplomacy.

Whether you are in the dental, lawn care, small business, a veterinarian or you need a medical collections expert, American Recovery offers a company led by experts with years of experience in many fields waiting to find the best solution for your business. Call today to schedule your no obligation phone call to get you started on improving your accounts receivables.

If your business or medical practice is in Branson, St. Louis, Kansas City, Springfield, Hannibal or any other area in Missouri, our experts are ready to talk with you today. We will provide the most affordable debt collection solutions for your business to produce the most lucrative results.

American Profit Recovery helps your business by acting as a diplomatic mediator between you and your customers. We effectively improve your bottom line while maintaining positive customer relations. We are ready to help you free up your time to focus on quality service and getting your accounts receivables back on track.