Business owners and operators in Nebraska and anywhere face many challenges every day, especially when you are trying to get late and non-paying customers to get current with their financial obligations. Finding just the right fit in a collection agency to meet your business needs can be a challenge as well. American Profit Recovery can help you with your cash flow issues while also reaching your customers in a respectful and dignified manner. No matter where your business is located, Omaha, Lincoln, Grand Island, Kearney, North Platte or other area in Nebraska call today to schedule a free, no obligation phone call. We believe you’ll find that we are a refreshing alternative to traditional collection agencies.

Your Business Can Trust Our Recovery Solutions 

  • You have our pledge to treat each and every one of your customers with the respect they should have.
  • Our collectors are problems solvers and will work with your customer to create an agreeable solution to their unpaid bill.
  • The best customer service around. We are ranked as a best places to work so our team is always excited to hear from you.
  • Industry knowledge. From banking, veterinarians, lawncare and landscaping to commercial collections and more.

The benefits to low-cost collections 

American Profit Recovery knows it is difficult to afford help sometimes so we offer a low-cost collections system regardless of the amount that is owed to you by your customer. We make it possible to improve your bottom line and do it much earlier in the customer delinquency. Our methods are diplomatic in nature, they save you money and time and allow you to focus on growing your business rather than chasing down unpaid invoices. If your business has a regular need for third party assistance in getting paid, we’re a great fit for your nationwide business or small organization. Let our account experts show you how we can help.