Tier II Recovery Solution

Find Out Why More Businesses Trust APR

In business, some late accounts are resolved with ease while others require a more concentrated effort. For harder to collect accounts, APR offers a more proactive approach to debt collections that incorporates phone work, skip tracing, credit reporting and in some cases legal action if feasible and necessary. That’s where our Tier II Recovery Solution becomes an effective strategy.

APR’s approach is different than traditional collection agencies because our team members focus on how to resolve debt by being cooperative and considerate. We employ the best and brightest in the industry. The professionals on our staff adhere to a core set of values established by the company and the Association of Credit and Collection professionals and remain extremely respectful of the consumer at all times. The result is far more cooperation between our collectors and the consumer while keeping your debt in mind..

Our goal is to resolve the issue for both parties, while always maintaining a level of compassion and professionalism. This approach allows APR to collect debt quicker and more efficiently than traditional methods.

What Makes APR’s Tier II Recovery Solution Different?

  • Experienced Collectors: At APR, we pride ourselves on hiring college educated team members that have strong communications skills and a proven track record of success. It’s one of the main reasons why APR consistently achieves higher recovery rates than other collection agencies.
  • Consistent Training: See what type of training our collectors go through in this short video. We know the better we are trained the more accounts resolved for your business without complaints.
  • Personal Attention: Accounts are assigned and worked on in an appropriate and consistent workflow. Specialists who work your accounts will determine the best course of action, many times based on the specific industry you serve.
  • Real-time Reporting: With our client-controlled technology, APRwebSM, you have real-time status of all your accounts and can generate reports anytime.
  • Responsiveness: Whenever you need us, your collection specialist is there to assist you. If your account rep is not immediately available, one of our other team members will take care of your needs when you need it.

Our team is ready to help you recover your funds from those stubborn accounts. Let us show you the difference today. Contact American Profit Recovery to get started!