Small Business

Low-cost and Respectful Of Your Customers

Many small businesses are uneasy seeking help from a collection agency to settle slow paying or delinquent accounts. They fear third party debt collections will be expensive and permanently damage relationships with clients. They also worry about losing control of their accounts.

Sound familiar? We have the solution.

How does low-cost and diplomatic sound?

American Profit Recovery has years of experience working with small businesses in many different industries. And if there’s one thing we understand, it’s the fact that many small businesses have personal relationships with their customers. Sound like you?

We have educated and seasoned professionals who can assist your small business in navigating the rocky road of debt collections. While we do that, we are also working hard at retaining your customers and leaving you in control of your accounts. After all, you still want to keep your customers.

APR is vastly different from traditional collection agencies by making it affordable for you and your small business to recover monies owed to your company. Our small business programs have helped ventures of all sizes in virtually every industry in collecting unpaid debt, no matter how big or small their need.

Cash flow is essential for any small business and APR can make it affordable for your operation to recover monies owed and get back on the road to profitability.

Contact us today and let’s get started!