Why Choose Us

You’ll Profit From Our Difference

Why would a business struggling to get paid on time choose American Profit Recovery over other options? It’s Simple. We are easy to do business with, we get results and we do it with dignity and respect.

American Profit Recovery is different in every aspect of the way we conduct business. From our low-cost Tier I Receivables Solution to the manner in which every team member conducts themselves over the phone; respectfully and with tact. We also strongly believe in not just collecting debt, but resolving it; giving you a better chance of keeping your customers. Our team will come up with solutions that get you paid.

And it works!

Want More Reasons?

  • Early Intervention-We get in the game early
  • Tier I Receivables Solution-Low cost
  • Ethics, Standards and Respect
  • State of the art Technology with our APRwebSM you have 24/7 access
  • Commitment to Customer Service that you will notice

American Profit Recovery creates profit solutions for a wide variety of industries including banking, medical, dental, lawn care and many others. We can help you too!

See what one of our partners Matt Moskowitz has to say in this video about choosing the right collection agency:

Call 1-800-711-0023 to contact American Profit and find out how we can increase your profitability today!