How Are We Different?

Why This Collection Agency Is Different

We could think of countless reasons why we are different than other collections agencies and why we feel we’re a good fit for your business or medical practice. Here are just a few reasons why American Profit Recovery shines above all others when it comes to helping you resolve your cash flow issues.

  • We offer a low-cost collections system that keeps our services affordable. You’ll pay no more than $22.00 per account, regardless of the amount owed to you.
  • Our APRweb℠ feature keeps you the business owner/operators in charge of your accounts online 24/7. You maintain full control of all your accounts
  • Expert consultants are available with experience in a wide range of industries to find solutions to your accounts receivables. In short, if you have receivables, we have your solution.
  • We have the best customer service reps in the business-Call us, you’ll be impressed from the moment you hear that pleasant voice.
  • Total diplomacy and tact when contacting your customers. You’ll have far better results when your customers are treated fairly and with respect.
  • Our respectful Tier II system is offered to retrieve monies owed from stubborn or dormant accounts.
  • Our team is receiving new training on a regular basis and they’re encouraged to take time for personal development to further their knowledge in the industry.
  • We raise and donate thousands of dollars to charity every year and you can often see our team out in the community volunteering to help others.
  • Our team has three core values-Work Ethic, Integrity and a Positive Attitude.

It only takes one phone call to our dedicated experts to find out you chose the right collection agency for your business. Contact us today!