If you’re a smart consumer or a small business owner, you are exploring every cost savings option possible to aide your monthly budget. We know the importance of saving a little money each month because as a collection agency, we see people every day that could have avoided going into debt if they just spent a little time and effort looking at their expenses.How to save money

Below we have a few cost savings measures to consider which may require a little effort but well worth it in the long run.

Reduce your credit card interest rate: It does not hurt to ask your credit card company for a reduction in your interest rate. If you do a little homework prior to placing your call and let them know you have explored other credit card companies with lower rates, they may be more inclined to bring your rate down. Sometimes a little healthy competition does not hurt. As they say, it can’t hurt to try.

Utilize your local library: A membership to your local library is typically free and can save you a bundle. You can rent books instead of buying them; read magazines which can eliminate subscription costs and you can rent videos. Over the course of a year, a membership to your local library can save you a generous amount in your entertainment budget.

Become a coupon clipper: Although it takes a little time and effort, clipping coupons can really add up; especially over a year’s time. The Sunday paper typically has the most coupons to consider but savings can also be found online through many different coupon sites. A little research can help you save big on shopping expenses. It also pays to search for discount codes when contemplating larger purchases. Many times companies will offer savings on shipping costs or a percentage reduction on your total order when you enter their discount code.

And don’t forget online coupon sites. They are rapidly becoming more popular and you can do very well by taking some time to visits these sites. If you are planning a shopping trip, go to that store’s website and search for coupons. More and more retailers are offering these online.

American Profit Recovery strives each day to help consumers get their finances on the right track and prepare for a better financial future. You might not think that’s the role of collection agencies but we do it every day and the consumers we contact, thank us every day.

Published On: March 7th, 2016Categories: Advice for Consumers

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