I get to listen to many collection calls as part of our continued pledge to compliance and excellence.  In the old days most company’s customer service calls or incoming calls were always treated with happy, friendly voices trying to help. 

Well, I am happy to say that it is still the old days here as we continue to lead by example to other companies with our Customer Service and Admin teams and more importantly, our collection calls.

I am so proud of how far our industry has come in turning what were once unpleasant, sometimes demanding, and uncompromising collection calls into more of “customer service” calls truly trying to help consumers “resolve” collection matters and not just collect money.   I am happy to say that, after listening to many collection calls, I feel that American Profit Recovery leads by example in this area.

Calls from a collection agency are never easy or comfortable for consumers to deal with.  Consumers may be dealing with personal issues that are not allowing them to meet their financial obligations or they may be dealing with a disputed bill and many times are not sure what to do or where to turn.  However, many times consumers do want to resolve their legitimate debts and just need a helpful voice to assist them in finding a way to do that.

I would like to thank all of our collectors for not only being committed to the Collectors Pledge, but for living that commitment day in and day out.  They are truly making a difference to not only the collection industry, but for every consumer they help each day.  Hearing things like “thanks for calling, I’m glad we could help, we are committed to helping you, we will help you find a way” from our collectors and then seeing the overwhelming number of compliments from consumers that we helped out is a testament to the good this industry performs every day.

The Collectors Pledge

I believe every person has worth as an individual.

I believe every person should be treated with dignity and respect.

I will make it my responsibility to help consumers find ways to pay their debts.I will be professional and ethical.

I will commit to honoring this pledge.

Published On: October 31st, 2016Categories: Advice for Businesses, Collection

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