By Derek:

Approximately four months ago, our company made the decision to close the office due to Covid-19, and provide all the employees with computers so they could continue to work from home. It was a drastic change at the time.  Everyone was uncertain of what the future held for us, as well as what issues may arise from the switch to working from home.  At first, it was a big adjustment for me. Calling people while you’re in an office surrounded by colleagues doing the same thing is one thing but sitting at your dining room table alone is quite another.

It took a little while to get used to making calls in silence instead of a bustling office with 30 other conversations going on at the same time. It was uncomfortable for me at first, and the conversations felt more personal than when I am in the office. However, in a time like this when people are laid off and unsure of how they’re going to pay their current bills (let alone their bills in collections), a more personal approach is what is needed.

I was worried when we first started to work from home that people were going to be angry that I was calling them during a pandemic, but the overwhelming majority of people seemed to be cooperative and appreciative that we were able to help them with payment plans in this time of need. Everyone working here has heard stories from consumers about how times are tough for them because of the virus outbreak. Derek Laczkowski

At times it can be disheartening to hear how people struggle to stay afloat, but by the end of most calls I feel a sense of relief on the other end since were able to work with their situation and tailor a payment arrangement that they could manage at this time.

I am extremely thankful that I, like everyone here at American Profit Recovery was able to continue to work during these difficult times while many weren’t as fortunate.  I’m also glad that we are helping our clients who may be experiencing cash flow issues at this time by collecting on their past due accounts.

It’s been a very interesting few months, but our company has done an outstanding job of taking all the necessary precautions to stay safe while being able to transition to our home offices, and still have a few of our best months in company history.

However, I am very excited to get back to the office and see all my coworkers again!

Published On: July 14th, 2020Categories: Team APR

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