By Sabrine:

After graduation, I applied for several different positions until I received a phone call from American Profit Recovery (APR). I had no schema of the collection industry or what the position entailed until I walked into the doors and it was explained thoroughly. To sum it up, a day as a collection specialist here consists of helping consumers pay their debts with a customer service approach. The clients we work for who own small businesses expect us to treat their clients with respect, so that when they are no longer struggling financially, they will continue to do business with them. As a millennial, my main concern was to find a career that offers opportunity for advancement.

During my interview, it was explained to me that the position I applied for is not just another ordinary job—but a career. I was also asked whether or not I would be comfortable with a commission based position and I had yet to know that answer to that, as it would be my first experience. Luckily I was invited back for a second interview, and after I succeeded I was told the other perks of the job. Unlimited overtime, paid holidays and birthdays, a flexible work schedule, unlimited earnings, and most importantly—opportunity for growth. It was explained to me that promotions are not based on seniority but rather the efficiency of one’s work. That meant everything to me, as a recent graduate I have heard several horror stories about how it is impossible to make it up the ladder as a new employee, since companies are typically loyal to their veteran workers. In my opinion, it is important to recognize employees not based on their generation, seniority, or any other discriminating factor but rather the results of their work.

Thankfully I accepted the job offer and as I look back today it is one of the proudest life decisions I have made. A little over a year into my career at APR, the opportunity became my reality and I was promoted to Work Team Lead. I am honored to hold such a great title and to assist and lead others around me. Our floor consists of a few different teams that each have a manager, and some of those teams have Work Team Leads. As I continue to be a part of this great workplace, I aspire to be like and become one of the managers around me and eventually manage my own team. To lead a team as well as my manager led me, where the collectors will all be successful and hopefully have an experience as wonderful as mine. Now that I have held a commission position, I wouldn’t have it any other way. The effort I put into my work are the earnings I receive in return—and to say I am content with it is an understatement.

Published On: June 16th, 2020Categories: Team APR

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