By Delaney:

Work-life balance has never been easier than with the flexible scheduling options we offer our employees at American Profit Recovery. Personal Time Off should be used for exactly that – personal time! No one wants to have to waste their PTO on obligations like doctor’s appointments.

But here, we don’t have to.

We have several different options, like shifting our work hours from earlier to later in the day with what we call a “Late-In”, or taking a two-hour lunch during the day and simply just adding an extra hour on to the end of our day to make up for it – all without using any PTO! These possibilities are so incredibly helpful for accomplishing tasks that can normally only be done during business hours. It allows us time to go to the bank, pick up prescriptions from the pharmacy, or schedule an appointment with that dentist that never has evening availability.

Flex Friday!


But my personal favorite flexible scheduling option we offer here at American Profit Recovery is called Flex Friday – where we can put in over-time early on in the week to leave early on a Friday, or get the whole day off altogether! It is a perfect way to plan ahead and get a long weekend without any worry about cutting into our PTO. I use this to get myself up north early on a holiday weekend (beating the traffic is always a win!), or sometimes just to give myself that one extra day at home to relax so I can come back to work refreshed on Monday morning.

These flexible scheduling options help me to curb any potential burnout and not feel so rushed or overwhelmed to accomplish my tasks outside of work. Having the option to take this time when needed allows me to come back to work more focused, and ready to conquer anything the week throws at me.

I am thankful to work for a company that offers these benefits, so I am able to be my best self both inside and outside the office.

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Published On: July 31st, 2023Categories: Team APR

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