There are many areas that we have placed immense focus on over the years here at America Profit Recovery that have allowed us to build a rock-solid foundation. Building and growing a reputable collection agency means a high value must be placed on our people and our culture.

Let’s face it; not every day is easy working in debt collections because of the nature of the business and the delicate reasons why we may be calling a consumer. Collectively, we’re always working to make that employee experience a positive one and consistently improve.

Recently we’ve been reminded that we are doing the right thing here at American Profit Recovery by creating a culture and a positive environment where people can come and build a rewarding career. Our annual Employee Week was a huge success with everyone here and at the same time, being named one of the Best Places to Work in Collections 16 years in a row assures us we are building an organization where people can thrive.

How do we create an employee experience that helps people thrive, grow a career and win awards?

Best Places to Work in Collections 2023

It never gets old being named one of the best places to work in collections. Since 2008 we have been recognized as one of the best organizations to work for in the collection industry. That’s 16 years in a row!

When APR was founded, employee experience was at the top of the list. Everyone knew that creating a culture that allowed for great career opportunities and that often sought after work life balance was going to make the difference we wanted to make in the industry.

Best Places to Work in Collections is spearheaded by ACA International and Best Companies Group which conducts numerous best places programs throughout the country each year. The two-part survey process determines the best places to work. The first part consists of outlining workplace policies, practices, corporate philosophy and other criteria.

The second part of this important survey measures the overall employee experience of a collection agency. They hear straight from the team members themselves. That combined score determines the best collection agencies to work for. And we are proud to be one of them.

One of the ways we’ve created a best place to work is by understanding that people not only need a thriving workplace where they can build a solid career, but they also need the flexibility because of other life commitments. It’s important for organizations to understand that people have a life outside of work.

The support system we provide all employees is something we are tremendously proud of as well. Owners and managers sit side by side with all employees. And training doesn’t stop after the onboarding process. Training is ongoing and a healthy part of our culture. Employees are never left not knowing how to handle a situation. A manager or even an owner is right there on the floor to offer any support and guidance.

Employee week 2023

Employee week 2023 was nothing short of amazing this year!

The energy and the spirit that was witnessed throughout the week was one that any organization would envy. We saw employees enjoying each other ‘s company, laughing, competing and even some good old-fashioned rivalries.

With a Mario Bros theme this year, what better way than to start out with a Mario Kart video game competition in the conference room. We had some veterans of Mario Kart and a few novices. Whether people won or lost at Mario Kart, it doesn’t get any better than being able to play video games during work hours.

And we had so many other events during the week that allowed employees to engage with each other, compete and get a ton of laughs in.

We saw puzzle competitions, Jenga, and other various team building exercises that created a ton of energy. We saw employees working together which only continues to foster workplace collaboration in the future.

And let’s not forget a great bowling competition, axe throwing and other after-hours fun which solidified our team environment.

And to top it off, collection manager Greg Meyer got our annual pie in the face, an annual tradition now!

Building a culture where employees love to come to work, anytime of the year is something we will continue to place major emphasis on here at American Profit Recovery. Employees should not only be able to enjoy the work that they do, but they should also feel they have a sense of purpose, they are helping others and they are supported and appreciated. That creates an award-winning employee experience.

Are you looking for your next great career move or know somebody who’s looking? Check out our career page and learn more about joining our team and one of the best places to work in collections!

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