By Sarah L.

Administrative Appreciation Day is coming up, April 26th to be exact, and being a member of the Admin team myself at this collection agency I know that this day is one that our team looks forward to. Each year on this day the entire Admin team is taken out to lunch by the owners. This not only allows some time for team bonding but it also lets us know that our work is valued. Appreciation is essential in any type of relationship and American Profit Recovery goes above and beyond to show their appreciation not only for the employees but for the community and our clients as well. Collection agencies

Our Admin team isn’t the only department that has a regular team bonding outing. Customer Service takes turns picking a location for a monthly lunch and our IT department often has their own lunch outings as well. Another event that many employees look forward to each year is Employee Week, where everyone in the company is encouraged to play games, attend after work events like bowling and a Tiger’s Game and, probably the favorite part of most, to eat lots of great food!! Through any type of appreciation, great or small, work ethic and the working environment can be affected positively.

In addition to the employees, this collection agency demonstrates appreciation toward our community in many ways. Each year we fundraise for many organizations and charities like Special Olympics Michigan via the Polar Plunge and the ACA Collector’s Challenge via March Madness  Brackets to name a couple. In addition to fundraising we also volunteer in a yearly beautification of a local park and donate money and items for events such as Veteran’s Day Program and Adopt-a-Family program. By participating in each of these events, APR is able to show that we care and value our place in the community by giving back.

Most importantly, American Profit Recovery makes sure each and every day that we are working hard to show our appreciation to our clients. The biggest ways we can show our appreciation to our clients is by assisting in the debt collection of as many accounts as we can and by doing so in a way that does not sever the relationship between client and consumer. How do we do this you might ask? We achieve these goals in many ways whether through a debt collector professionally and ethically helping consumers find ways to pay their debts, by having a customer service representative available to answer any questions our clients may have in a timely manner, or even just by having a friendly voice answering the phones. We make sure, in each department, that we are the best we can be for our clients and this is evident through the many compliments we receive from our clients and consumers!

American Profit Recovery excels in showing appreciation in each type of relationship and they’re happy to do so! I appreciate being a valued member of the APR family and you are appreciated for reading my thoughts on this topic.


Published On: March 15th, 2017Categories: Team APR

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