April has been designated as Financial Literacy Month. It’s designed to help educate anyone on the practical ways in which we all need to manage our finances. It’s also meant to educate those struggling with various issues of debt and how to navigate their responsibility to those they owe money to. In the video with this post, we have a number of tips that can assist a consumer when trying to resolve an issue with a debt collector. It comes straight from one of our veteran collectors and its worth sharing with anyone you know who may need assistance.

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As business owners and those charged with the task of accounts receivables, we all know how important it is for consumers to pay for a product or service on time. If not, the business suffers and in some cases, has challenges meeting their obligations; a domino effect.

Each and every one of us has had to pay a debt at some point in our lives. But it’s the manner in which we meet our financial obligations that builds a solid foundation for our financial lives. And as you can imagine as a collection agency, our team deals with a whole host of situations when it comes to late and non-paying consumers.

The short answer when asked how to work with a collection agency is to communicate. When a consumer is willing to communicate with the creditor and work out a resolution, in most cases, the issue is resolved without any further action. And that is a win, win for both the business and the consumer.

We have a number of great suggestions by one of our veteran collectors on how to increase the chances of a successful outcome when working with American Profit Recovery or other collection agencies. Take just a few minutes to view the video but more importantly, share this with anyone you know that may be struggling to meet their financial obligations.

Another great resource in which we highly recommend and endorse is the website Ask Doctor Debt, http://www.askdoctordebt.com/ which is an incredible consumer resource for anyone who has questions around how to get out of debt.

Financial literacy is a combination of saving money, spending wisely and meeting our obligations. And with the proper discipline and focus, anyone can be smart about money.

Published On: March 27th, 2015Categories: Advice for Consumers

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