Our kids have now been back to school for several weeks and they are beginning to get in a groove and hopefully, (I say, hopefully…) learn some valuable lessons not only in the books but also in some good life habits.

One of those lessons that your kids and maybe us adults too should be acquainted with is financial literacy. Yeah, your kids may be getting their fair share of math lessons but what are they going to do with that math knowledge as they get older? Hopefully they will use some of it to manage their finances.

As a collection agency, we see many people who were probably not given the proper knowledge about their finances at an early age. For whatever reason, they acquired some bad habits and fell into tough times and way behind in their financial obligations. And some legitimately have fallen on hard times.

It’s the people who have over time, developed bad habits with their money that concern us the most. But some great tools have come out recently and we want to bring them to your attention.

We’ve already told you about Ask Doctor Debt and we’ll continued to update you on that important resource but a great tool for kids is a USA Today supplement that came out a couple years ago. You can find it in the link below with a few other important tips to help educate youth on the very important subject of staying on top of their finances. There is no better time than when they still have a piggy bank so don’t wait.

Collection agencies all over see what happens when people lose sight of their finances and ignore good habits with their money. Don’t let your children fall into this category. Make sure you check out those tips.

Published On: September 23rd, 2015Categories: Advice for Consumers

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