My son (3 yrs. old) goes to swim school every Monday…well, most Mondays.  Lately it’s been a bit of a challenge to make it every Monday but we try our best.  Due to this inconsistency my son’s enthusiasm for swimming diminished.  It became hard to even get him in the water, let alone listen to the teacher’s instructions.

At swim school the design is to teach the kids in phases and when they have progressed enough they get bumped up to the next phase, which comes with a brand new teacher.  As with any teacher/student relationship there are certain people you connect really well with and those you don’t.  My son connected really well with his second phase teacher.  He made his most progress and most importantly he was having fun.

When he moved on to the third phase it came with a new teacher and a new day.  This transition wasn’t smooth.  He didn’t mesh well with his teacher(s) (he has had a few in this phase) and he stopped having fun.  My son’s second phase teacher noticed this regression.  Completely unsolicited she decided to get in the water with him during his third phase lesson.  This is not in her job description, in fact, she isn’t supposed to be in the water during this time at all.

She took it upon herself to go above and beyond what she is “supposed to do” to make someone’s experience more rewarding.  Landon responded immediately.  He was listening, he was trying and he was back to having fun.  My wife was so touched by this she cried, and I would be lying if I told you I didn’t have tears in my eyes as well.  Amazing how one single act of good, of going beyond what you are “supposed to do”, can create such a positive and rewarding experience.

I hope you have a similar experience when you contact APR with a question, comment or concern.

Published On: January 16th, 2014Categories: Team APR

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