By Greg:

On March 2nd, American Profit Recovery celebrated the achievements of our employees for their work in 2022.  We laughed at some hilarious photos, gave out some gag awards, and shared our goals for 2023.  As usual, the best part was recognizing the achievements of our top performers for their work over the last year.

It was evident that the award recipients all shared many of the same qualities.  Particularly our company’s core qualities: Positivity, Integrity, and Work Ethic.  However, they also all share a passion for what they do.

They truly care about our company, our clients, consumers, and their co-workers.

Awards 2023

As an employee who has been here for over 17 years, it has been a privilege to watch so many people we have hired over the years develop into the tremendous employees that they have become.  They are experts in their field and are an absolute pleasure to work with.   They all leaders.

They lead first by example, as well as in their willingness to share their knowledge with others.  As someone whose job it is to recruit new people to the company, it is so amazing to be able to look anywhere in the office and see numerous examples of people that new employees can look to emulate and aspire to be.

Congratulations to Andy R., Delaney, Mya, Michael, Sabrine, Peggy, Mike Y., Andy Y., Brian L., and Georgia!  Thanks for helping make American Profit Recovery such an amazing place to work!

Looking for a great place to work? Check out our career page for all the opportunities!

Published On: March 16th, 2023Categories: Team APR

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