We have a new collection manager here at American Profit Recovery and her name is Angela. She has been with American Profit Recovery for several years now and she has demonstrated the leadership qualities that can move a team in the right direction.

If you are a regular reader of our blog then you have seen Angela, better known as Angie to her coworkers, contributing many articles about what it’s like to work here at American Profit Recovery, the culture we continuously build as well as the career opportunities.

Angela joined American Profit Recovery in October of 2015. She was promoted to Work Team Lead, a supervisory role at APR in March of 2019. During her tenure she has set various company records, won countless awards including the coveted ‘Collector of the Year,’ and has been an integral part of making American Profit Recovery the company we are today.

Angela will now put a lot of time and resources into interviewing, hiring and training a team of debt collection professionals. She has a tremendous amount of experience in this area already and we know that she’s going to build a team that will carry out the values of American Profit Recovery and our style of debt collections.

Angela says she is equally excited now as she was when she accepted her role in 2015 and she wants to share that excitement with her team. “I want to hire people that are looking to be the future managers,” says Angela. “It’s the excitement of sharing that with new employees and helping them. I’ve always told myself that leaders make leaders.”

Angela says her priorities will be devoting the time to finding the right talent for American Profit Recovery and then of course dedicating the time and resources for training. “We never really stop training so it’s making myself available,” says Angela.

She also says that a major part of her new role will be conveying the helping and respectful attitude that all collectors need to have on the phone with consumers. She says when team members understand this, it goes a long way in turning a job into a career with growth.

Angela is a driven collection professional and admits that she is eager to compete with the other teams here at American Profit Recovery in this new role. She has a winning attitude, and it has served her and others well. “I’m coming for all the guy managers,” she laughs…I’m a very competitive person,” Angela says.

From Angela’s first day working at American Profit Recovery she had a goal of becoming a manager and she has now achieved that milestone in her career here.

“Of all the interviews we’ve conducted over the years, I recall Angela’s vividly,” says Mike Hiller VP of Collections. “She was (and is) so full of enthusiasm, positivity, and charisma. From day one she has been very up front about her goals at APR. Among them included her aspirations to join the management team: to hire, train, and build her own team of successful employees. I have no doubt that that’s exactly what she’ll do. Angie is laser focused, an incredible part of our team, and an all-around remarkable person.”

Brian Liberadzki, Angie’s previous manager says, “Angie has had the work ethic and positive attitude since joining APR in 2015. These attributes combined with her integrity and solid work effort helped her become promoted to Work Team Leader in 2019 and now Collections Manager.”

Angela has also over the past few years spearheaded the compiling of consumer compliments given to the debt collection team and she will continue to do that. Angela says of the compliments, “I love reading them and I love reading all the interactions people have had.” She says that American Profit Recovery is setting the bar when it comes to helping consumers and tracking those compliments given to collectors.

“It’s always a nice reminder that I am working for the right collection agency,” says Angela.

Published On: June 26th, 2023Categories: Team APR

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