By Sabrine:

We have all heard others mention the significance of looking forward to work every morning, rather than dreading it. A positive work environment and culture is the very thing that can make or break an employee. Studies have shown that although employees make a decent salary at a company, they often quit for no reason other than the work culture.

If an employee is in a toxic work environment where they feel isolated, micromanaged, or ignored—it can easily cause burnout. This can affect a worker’s job performance as well as their attitude with customers they work with daily. It not only affects that employee, but it also leaves a negative mark on the company.

APR employee SabrineOn average, we spend at least forty hours working every week. For some of us, we spend more time with our colleagues than with our own families. Because of this, a positive work culture is vital to employee satisfaction and will create a more productive employee overall.

American Profit Recovery is a great example of this because our work culture is built on mutual respect between staff and leaders. We are a close-knit company which enables us to all know one another on a more personal level. Some of the greatest attributes of our culture here are recognizing good performance, encouraging social activities, learning opportunities, and job transparency.

To expand on this, performance is recognized during monthly company calls, constant email shoutouts, “Caught in Action” submissions as well as prizes, and annual award ceremonies. Prior to this pandemic, we continued to greet our colleagues by name as they walk into the office for the day or leave for the night. While virtual, we continue this practice via instant messaging wishing our colleagues a “Good Morning” or a “Goodnight” before logging off for the day.

This collection agency provides learning opportunities with weekly Best Practice meetings as well as monthly reviews with our management team. From the very beginning of my career here at American Profit Recovery, the managers have been approachable and any concerns or questions I had were immediately addressed. Managers, as well as Team Leads, are available throughout the day to assist with any questions or difficult situations that may arise.

American Profit Recovery is a result-driven company – the organization is clear on the job expectations and the benefits it entails. Our numbers are listed on a report that every employee has access to, motivating others to work harder to be as successful as their top peers. Teamwork is highly encouraged, and I am comfortable counting on my colleagues to handle my tasks when I am not available.  As an employee that earns commission, the more I put into my work the more I receive in return.

As an employee approaching their fourth year, I can attest to APR culture influencing my tenure. It’s the little things that matter most to me such as my colleagues asking about how my weekend was, or how the Emerald Green Trees I recently planted are growing. I am grateful to have a good relationship with my peers, and a professional relationship with management. Being a part of a workplace that allows you to ask questions and learn from them I am thankful for. I really cannot imagine working in a place where I feel intimidated or where I had that effect on someone else.

As an employee that was hired for an entry-level position to an employee that is now a Team Lead, a major factor that influenced my work is positivity and it sure is contagious.


Published On: May 19th, 2021Categories: Team APR

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