By Sarah:

Never have I ever felt more accepted and appreciated as an employee than I do at APR.  Employee Week is just one of the many ways in which APR gives back to its employees. Personally my favorite part of Employee Week is getting to spend time with my fellow coworkers, especially those who work in MA and NC, at the many after work events. My favorite after work event this year was when we went bowling after work. I felt like this event had not only had the highest attendance and participation but was also the most interactive.

I believe Employee Week is something unique that APR takes part in that other companies should try to incorporate into their work environments. Not only does it show employees that they are a key part of the company’s successes but it gives time for everyone to get to know their fellow coworkers better. Having the additional time to get to know your coworkers is something I feel has strengthened not only work relationships between individuals but personal relationships here at APR as well.

Overall I feel Employee Week is a fun, creative and effective team and confidence building experience that I hope will continue for many more years to come!

Did you see that Pie in the face video?

Published On: June 19th, 2015Categories: Team APR

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