Never did I think I would be a collection specialist, but here I am four years into my career. Every day I learn more things that help me for the next call and a lot about having patience. Who would’ve thought I would be sitting here today loving what I do?  I certainly didn’t.

When I first got hired, I came here with one goal, to be a manager. Every day I work towards my goals while trying to motivate others to achieve theirs.  When I got promoted to collections work team leader I became one step closer to my goal. During the time of my current position I have worked side by side with my coworkers and discussed their goals and help develop ways to make difficult topics easier for them. This has been very rewarding watching people who may struggle with a topic get answers they need in order to move forward and be better.

At American Profit Recovery you are given every chance to make a name for yourself as we are not only competitive but one big happy work family.  The feeling of accomplishment at the end of the call when someone gives you a compliment really makes my job that much more worth it.

One of the benefits I have enjoyed with American Profit Recovery is the benefits of flex time. This is for individuals to hit their points and have their required time in by Thursday night –allowing them to come in late or take off Fridays. This has allowed me to focus on a good work life balance and spend time doing one of my favorite activities, camping. There have been a lot of perks with the job, such as week-long employee week, team lunches and games throughout the office. Did I mention we even have a “Candy Man” who regularly stocks our office with goodies for employees to enjoy?

While I have been working my entire adult life and been put in many different roles, this chapter has been the most rewarding. I am able to challenge myself, help employees and consumers on the phones. Being able to help our clients maintain lasting relationships with their consumers because of the level of professionalism our employees strive to achieve is our goal every day. I may not know what tomorrow brings, but I do know I love coming to work for APR and look forward to the next four years.

Published On: October 18th, 2019Categories: Team APR

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