By Angela:

A lot of what we do is simply understanding and reasoning with our consumers. We work hard to build rapport and keep relationships for our clients so that their consumers have a good experience with us.

While some people have these pre-determined ideas of how we don’t understand nor care before calling us, the truth is we are everyday people, all facing similar battles.Angela Holthus

The last three months of my life have been extremely difficult, I had to have unexpected ankle surgery and while recovering I fell four days afterward resulting in needing a repair surgery. Two months later both my husband and I tested positive for COVID, and shortly after, I fractured my heal while still being in recovery.

My point in sharing this with our readers isn’t for sympathy, it’s to show you how real our everyday struggles are. Everyone has their own challenges, and our collectors understand this.

When we answer our phones, chances are someone here has been in your shoes and has experiences to help get you through these challenges. We want to help.

While we provide debt collections for many different industries, we have skilled employees on our floors working to provide you with the best customer experience. Staying positive during all of the challenges life is currently throwing at us is how we will beat COVID 19 and every other battle.

Let’s work together!

Published On: January 18th, 2022Categories: Team APR

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