On December 4 I attended a conference here in Farmington Hills on Leadership Development and Teambuilding. As the admin team work leader, I work side by side with our manager Melissa and assist with our admin team here at American Profit Recovery. We have a great admin team here who works extremely hard every day.

It was a very informative conference that lead me to take away many good takeaways. The biggest take away for me was  – each and every individual doesn’t learn the same way as you do. So when working with different individuals, you may need to pay more attention as to how you may be wording explanations for a better take away. And even though I may learn certain things at a certain pace – doesn’t mean doesn’t mean everyone else learns the same way. I also learned that listening is an integral part of being a manager/team leader.

Without listening, there is much that can be  misconstrued or miscommunicated. When teaching or communicating, asking good questions to your team is a great way to know if what is being discussed was understood. Supporting your team and their learning styles along with personality styles will only help your team grow and work better together.


Published On: December 22nd, 2014Categories: Team APR

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