By Peggy: 

Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be Kind. Always.

The phrase is so cliché—it’s something that pops up on Facebook every once in a while and gets hundreds of “likes” or that you’d see on a poster in a middle school counselor’s office. But it’s also very true.  We all carry our battles with us as we walk through the day.   The fight with the spouse, the sick baby that was up all night, the paycheck that didn’t stretch as far or as long as planned. These are not things you talk about, but they can affect how you respond to that ONE LAST STRAW, however minor.  Nice collection agencies

In the battle field that is sometimes life, a small piece of shrapnel (say an unexpected $80 lawn care bill) can seem like a nuclear bomb.   It’s at this moment that a calm, kind word can make all the difference.

I have worked at other collection agencies and the emphasis was always on the bottom line.Get what you can and let the consumer sort out life on their own. Defensive retorts were a part of the script as we responded to whatever the consumer spat out at us. The fallacy of that process is that we responded to what consumers were saying, but not what they were feeling. If someone is feeling overwhelmed, defensive retorts simply add fuel to the fire.

What sets American Profit Recovery apart (and I say this with first-hand knowledge) is the level of kindness and compassion our collection agents display to the consumers.  It’s in our process that displays our willingness to work with someone and really LISTEN to what’s going on in their lives to come up with workable solutions.   We genuinely want to help-because we know it wasn’t the $80 lawn care bill that sent you over the edge-it was the battles you were fighting when the phone rang.

The American Profit Recovery Website reads:  “American Profit Recovery prides itself on being a different kind of collection agency”   Put another way,  “American Profit Recovery prides itself on being different.  A kind collection agency. “

Published On: March 5th, 2018Categories: Advice for Businesses

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