By Sabrine:

I am approaching my fourth year here at American Profit Recovery. The time here flew by, and I am in awe that I have been here for as long as I have. Loyalty as well as being tenured at jobs growing up has been the norm for me prior to graduating college. As I get ready to complete my fourth year here and knowing that this is the career path for me, I can excitedly say that I look forward to celebrating my anniversary every year it arrives.

Looking back at when I was a rookie, to the veteran collector I am now, I have grown in numerous ways. My first year was a struggle as I had never held a position like this before.  I’ve learned that patience and understanding helped me realize that not everyone can pay off their debt all at once. Hard work does pay off and although the first year may have been a struggle, the experience was worth it. Listening as well as giving consumers the opportunity to vent about their struggles and finances while being personable, allowed them to trust in me and our process. We work together to find a payment plan solution that will work best, and although it may take a while longer to get the debt paid, I’ve helped the consumer. That’s what matters to me the most.APR employee Sabrine

Working at American Profit Recovery influenced my awareness of how important it is to maintain clean credit and pay bills on time. In my first couple of years here I focused on getting my personal debts after college taken care of as well as building up my own credit. I can relate to consumers with this experience because my second year here I applied for a mortgage and got denied. It was all worth it in the end because, in my third year here, I re-applied and got approved for a mortgage easily. I am now a new homeowner and am thankful for American Profit Recovery being a huge factor in my ability to accomplish all of this at such a young age. I have also been able to go on several vacations during my time here because of the work-life balance opportunities.

My advice to anyone new to the position is to hang in there and be patient because eventually your hard work will pay off and your future will be bright working here.


Published On: October 20th, 2021Categories: Team APR

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