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As a debt collector, I look forward to coming to work every day.  Yes, you read that correctly. Admittedly, before working here, I would never have thought I’d think that. American Profit Recovery has opened my eyes to what it truly means to be a debt collector, as well as what an important job it is.  This career is not only about helping consumers but also helping to change people’s perceptions of the debt collection industry. I know coming into work every day that what I am doing makes a positive difference in so many ways, and that I am working for a company that deeply cares about its employees.

Being a Debt Collector is not just about collecting money. I believe to be a great debt collector you must be able to empathize with consumers, listen to what they are telling you, and be able to focus on how you can help them. We all come from a place of understanding that can help us relate to the different situations that consumers may be experiencing.  The collectors at APR are great at communicating that understanding to consumers, as well as earning their trust and cooperation so an amicable solution to the debt can be achieved.Georgia

Every company needs to care for its employees, and let me tell you, APR takes it to a whole other level. One of my favorite benefits of working for APR is its flexibility. I can enjoy long weekends and work unlimited overtime!  At APR, your income is based on how much hard work and dedication you are willing to put in.  The environment is so positive, uplifting, and relaxed.

We have a team of the most caring and supportive people. Every employee can rely on the other for advice, guidance, and to even take a call or two.  Our management team is a well-organized group of wonderful role models who are on the floor, by your side, whenever you need anything.  They are always there to not only help us but to lead us by example.

At American Profit Recovery, it is obvious to see that we have made it a priority to help change the way others view debt collectors, as well as the debt collection industry. We are here to show that getting a call from a debt collector can (and should) be a positive experience.  I believe that the professionals here at American Profit Recovery are compliant, dedicated, and kind people who can truly help consumers get a step closer to financial stability.  They also help those consumers maintain the relationship they have with their creditors.

I am PROUD to be a debt collector, and I look forward every day to helping people!

Do you want to join me in an awesome career? Check out the career page!

Published On: May 16th, 2022Categories: Team APR

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