You know the cliché’.

Don’t bring your work home with you they do say.

But that’s banal, overused and all too conventional a thought.

I’m here to turn this idea on its ear, to think a new thought.


Here’s something novel and new.

I recommend you try too.

DO take up your work and bring your work home.

What would it all mean, would YOU arrive home with no groan?


For me it means days without daydreams.

Constantly busy, working hard and ice-creameries.

Employee week at the office is a blast!

So go home and raise high your household mast!


Being spontaneous & creative, being courageous and kind

Building relationships with others, others of all kind

Teamwork truly makes a true dream work

So share stories, trust others and make work feel like non-work


Bring work home means a great many things

Thinking critically, reading voraciously and showing interest in all things

Show confidence, show honor

Being open being honest


Honor your pledge the pledge that you’ve said

Show gratitude and lead, with your heart and with your head

Be confident and laugh loudly

Doing things right means you sleep tight and sleep soundly


Singular life singular attitude singular self and reflection

There is but one way to stay true in self-direction

We are but one person one life one emersion

So hell yeah I bring work home with me I know this for certain


This poem is dedicated to the men and women who work at American Profit Recovery. I hope they find it funny and silly. I hope they find it honest and ironic. I hope they find it, that they really find it. Others may think that they work with great people, but I know their mistake is unfortunate. I know this because I work with the best of people.

The job is challenging and to call it challenging is an understatement. It is challenging, and it’s really rewarding too. Helping clients meet their payroll obligations, helping them to stay in business, to grow their businesses. Helping consumers get back on track, being understanding and reasonable in a space where few people have the capacity to be is tough work, maybe the toughest of work.

Having a customer service mindset, giving assistance and advice is a good start. But as any debt collector will attest, it’s not enough. We need to be better at customer service than customer service. We need to be able to give advice, to give assistance and to give understanding, counseling, and compassion. To work in collections means to give everything, to exhaust all efforts and then exhaust some more.

I want you all to know that I work with and I work for all of you. That leadership and service are not mutually exclusive, they are synonymous. I want you to know that APR is a family. That APR is my family.


Published On: June 5th, 2017Categories: Team APR

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