As we approach Veterans Day, I wanted to throw a few feelings down about why this is such a great day.  First, my Grandfather served in the US Army and second, my Dad served in the US Navy on the USS Forrestal.  Both were and are great men!

A display of many American flags with a sky blue background, comI think about the courage that a person has to have in order to make a commitment to serve our country.  Knowing that they could possibly make the ultimate sacrifice to protect the freedom that we all some days take for granted.

We absolutely live in the greatest country in the world, and I know that we probably do not truly understand just how great we have it.  I voted yesterday….. yes, I voted.  Too many countries do not allow their people to have that option.  I can choose who I would like for school board, Supreme court, Congress, Senate, Governor and President.  I can choose and be heard on a number of issues.   Our voice does actually matter.

These brave men and women commit to protecting that right and our way of life!  I want to say thank you!  No, I mean really … THANK YOU for what you do and for preserving what America stands for.  For protecting my wife and kids…… thank you!  I know words can’t always completely describe our gratitude, but thank you!  When we see a Veteran let’s all shake their hand, salute them or just give a big hug, for they are true heroes.

Lastly, another special part of this day is that it is my Dad’s birthday….so Happy Birthday Dad!  You have always been there for me and I want you to know I appreciate and love you.

Published On: November 5th, 2014Categories: Team APR

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