By Sarah S.

Recently I attended the Yes Network for the session that featured, Billy Riggs. He had two portions in the session, first on “The Magic of Balance” and the second on “How to Become a Born Leader”. I took a lot away from his session in all and just wanted to highlight some key features I really enjoyed.Leadership American Profit Recovery

In the first portion, The Magic of Balance…. I learned balance all revolves around what makes a person happy and how to create true happiness. Always altering your priorities to balance life, next your character as a person has a big impact on this; who you are, your value system and integrity. One good quote that Billy used for this was, “You cannot cheat yourself happy” this runs deep with me because it really does apply to the character of the person you are. One last piece that I really liked was nurturing your relationships makes happy people. A good example of this, is spending extra time with your family when it isn’t always easy to do so, because that time will eventually come to an end and good relationships and memories are crucial to happiness. If you to put everything I said above together, plus achievements, have a spiritual need and an attitude. You are said to be happy person. Once last quote that Billy mentioned was one I really liked, “Most are about as happy as they make up their minds to be” – Abraham Lincoln.

As Billy’s first session could apply in both someone’s career and also their personal life. Billy’s portion “How to Become a Born leader” really applied to me on career level. In this seminar I learned that leadership is an art, of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it. Somethings that develop a leader are knowing the difference between a boss and a leader. A boss is someone that forces, pressures and uses people. A leader is someone that, asks employees to do things, inspires, builds people up and gives credit. One other portion I found very interesting, no person is really natural born leader. There are stages or as Billy called it’s a “Leadership Pyramid” to becoming a born leader.

Overall, it was a great experience for me to attend the seminar and learn some great things, I can use in my everyday life and also in my career at American Profit Recovery.

Published On: January 30th, 2017Categories: Team APR

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