Every now and then we will hear this when talking to a consumer and it always reminds me just how important of a role a debt collector plays in the economy. While the person owing the debt may not understand, we have to walk a very thin line at times.  This means understanding why the consumer was actually sent to collections. What is our client and many other businesses experiencing across the country that brought us to this point?Angela Holthus

Ultimately when a small business has consumers who are late on their payments, they will run the risk of closing up shop, laying off employees, or even having to raise their own prices to make up for money lost on other accounts. The reason this is not good is that when prices go up, existing consumers ultimately pay the price. When prices go up, we then see a shift in the number of people requesting services and it can still ultimately end up closing a business in the long run.

This is where we come in. You hire a collection agency that is credible, familiar with many industries and cares about not only their clients’ best interest but the consumer’s best interest. While I am a debt collector by “title” I am also a customer service advocate, receptionist, and problem solver. We all wear many hats and none of us are scary people out to get you because you fell on hard times.

In fact, we are hearing your stories and trying to come up with solutions to help you pay your just debts. This allows us to build rapport, understand your situation and bring money in for your clients who otherwise might be closing up shop. When you call American Profit Recovery you will be greeted with a friendly tone and a collector who is here to help.

We have all taken pledges to treat everyone with dignity and respect and honor our pledge daily.

Published On: June 9th, 2022Categories: Small Business Collections, Team APR

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