One of the best perks of my job is hiring and training new debt collectors.  I love talking to candidates about American Profit Recovery, and the people I work with at this collection agency.  I love explaining how enthusiastic I am about what I do for a living, and how much fulfillment I get out of my career.  I love to show them how what we do not only benefits our client’s bottom line, but also helps consumers fulfill their financial obligation in a way that ensures that they can still do business with that client.  I think it’s a tremendous compliment to the company, as well as the debt collection industry, when someone is enthusiastic about joining our team.Great collections agencies to work for

It’s a great thing to help change the perception that candidates have about what a debt collector is, and I like to think that the perception of what a debt collector is changes for each consumer we speak with.

I believe consumers quickly discover that our collectors are professional, helpful, compassionate, and friendly people.  I think about the relief that a consumer must feel after they have worked out a resolution to their debt.  There is the obvious relief of having fulfilled their financial obligation of course, but more importantly there is the relief that they were treated with dignity and respect by a professional who was able to understand their situation and help them.  These are some of the things I think about as I interview candidates.

This career is about more than just collecting debt.  This career is about helping people, and I love that I get to do that, and recruit others to do the same…

Published On: July 3rd, 2017Categories: Team APR

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