I had worked in debt collections before when I came to American Profit Recovery six years ago, first in collections for vehicle loans, and later for collections in mortgages.  I thought I knew what I was getting into—collections is collections, right?

BOY was I wrong!

Work life at American Profit Recovery is truly a unique atmosphere in so many ways. The managers and owners are in the trenches with us every step of the way. I couldn’t even tell you the names of the owners OR even the people in upper management at my previous employers when I worked there.

At American Profit Recovery, I usually see at least one of the owners every day and it’s a good feeling to hear them greet me by name. Each department is broken up into teams and there is a friendly competition between and within the teams. We push ourselves, but we also push each other to do more, do better, improve, and never stop learning. Peggy

We cheer each other on and compete amongst ourselves. But beyond that, we have each other’s backs.  I know that I can count on my teammates to treat my accounts like their own if I’m not there, and vice versa.

Our team stays until 7:00 pm every Wednesday and although it may sound like drudgery, it’s actually quite fun because we often have a quick dinner together and help each other hit accounts we need to catch up on.  It’s a time for us to not only work but to have a little bit more room to catch up with each other, share a few laughs in between calls as the inbound call activity decreases later in the day.

We also have the occasional get-together outside of work, which is a great morale booster and gives us chance to just chill out and catch up with each other. If you’ve worked in call centers or collections before and you think you know what it’s all about, chances are you are wrong.  I know I was wrong, and I am ok with that because I enjoy each and every minute with my APR family.

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Published On: September 24th, 2021Categories: Team APR

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