Too often, words are thrown around in corporate America to describe their culture, environment and their philosophy of business. No offense to our PR guy but sometimes these words are just slapped together from communications or marketing people because they think that’s what people want to hear. Well one thing is right; they do want to hear them but they insist on you walking the walk and talking the talk.

We have among others, three core values at this collection agency; Integrity, work ethic and positive attitude. Our first is integrity.

It’s no secret that we are in a tough business. Many don’t have a favorable perception of our business and for us, the manner in which we conduct ourselves is of first importance. Each individual here understands that integrity will drive our business. It will drive the customer experience and it will make working here, more fulfilling. If you have no integrity in what you do, why do it?

We have great products and services here at APR and we believe all that come to work here do so to embark on a career, not just a job. Businesses rely on those great services we offer and they also rely on a staff member that takes their job seriously and has that integrity. Building a career takes integrity and it takes believing in what you do. From the moment a team member walks into the building we ask that their integrity guide them in everything they do. It helps them have a more satisfying career and it helps build a quality business. We ask our team to: “do your job, do it well, own up to mistakes and constantly learn.”

Integrity also means honesty and our promise to be honest in every step of the collection process comes from all levels of the organization. We are honest in our sales approach, when we get on the phone with consumers to resolve a debt issue and we are honest in our daily interactions with our co-workers. Integrity drives us here, it drives the camaraderie on this team and it drives how customers and the public ultimately feel about American Profit Recovery.

All this integrity adds up to one of the best teams in the collection industry. I guarantee it.

Next up; Work ethnic and positive attitude. Check back soon…

Published On: November 16th, 2015Categories: Team APR

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