We are often asked the question of whether working in the collection industry is a smart career choice. Our answer is simple, and it is an affirmative yes!

And there is no better evidence than earning a spot on the Best Collection Agencies to Work For list for 14 straight years now. The program is led by the independent InsideARM publication and the Best Companies Group.

Yes, we are one of the best places to work in this industry, and for good reason.

We value every team member here and their contributions to not only the company but all the people we help every day. That includes our clients as well as the consumers we are communicating with. And during the COVID-19 pandemic, our team had their work cut out for them. Especially being in the collection industry.American Profit Recovery best Places to Work

Working in debt collections during COVID-19

We take particular pride in earning a spot on this list this past year. And every other company that was recognized as a great place to work in debt collections should also hold their heads up high for navigating this industry during a pandemic.

Businesses in every industry had to navigate various challenges throughout COVID-19. Shutdowns were inevitable for many as you well know. Restaurants and retail were shuttered and manufacturing in many regions came to a halt.

If your business was in home improvement you had other challenges to deal with including a flood of new business, labor shortages, and materials being in high demand. And these businesses may still be dealing with these issues to this day as we catch up.

Now, look at the collection industry. We had to quickly scramble to get employees up and running in a home office. We had to navigate regulations and compliance that changed from state to state. And we had to continue to keep up as these changed often.

As the uncertainty grew as to where many families would receive their next paycheck, we needed to employ with a greater intensity one of the best assets this company has and that is diplomacy. Our team members needed to be as compassionate as they could when communicating with consumers.

When it came to understanding consumers and their challenges during COVID-19, our team members acted like rock stars! They knew what they were dealing with, and they handled it with professionalism.

Our customer service team calmed the nerves of many businesses struggling with a wide variety of decisions to make. How will I meet my cash flow needs during this pandemic? Should we still be asking customers for money during these times? Sometimes a business owner just needed to talk with someone and figure out their next move, and our customer service team was there.

Collection agencies served a vital role during COVID-19 and our team met every challenge.

Laying the groundwork for a great place to work

No one could have predicted COVID-19 and the path of destruction the pandemic left in many of our lives. But if it did anything it served as a wake-up call for doing good things as a company.

American Profit Recovery takes care of its employees and fosters a welcoming work environment because it’s the right thing to do. No one should work in a career they don’t like and where they are not valued. People should feel welcome at a workplace, have the ability to build a career, advance with the company and make a difference.

And it prepared us for what hit during 2020.

But it’s not just the ownership of the company. We build a welcoming workplace with the help and contributions of every team member. They contribute to the values of the company, they are part of our solutions and they make this company a great place to work.

It always sounds cliche, but this award, while having the company name on it, belongs to all our team members. Everyone has made this one of the best places to work in the collection industry.

If you’re looking to make a career change, check out our career page for more information.


Published On: July 30th, 2021Categories: Team APR

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